We are more than just a restaurant - we are artists/creative people. Here at Lightburns Family Diner we are all about tradition, comfort food, family, life, laughter & above all love. We want folks to be able to come to our establishment with their kids or significant other & feel at home, but more so to leave happy with good memories. Years ago when I was working as a Sous Chef in Olde city Philadelphia & my wife Dianne was working as a Pediatric Nurse, we would always have our favorite little Mom & Pop Diners we'd go to  have breakfast & spend a little time together. I remember places that had decent prices, good service & family friendly. Fast forward to 2017 and things are different now. The kind of places I am talking about rarely exist anymore in America. Come visit us and meet our wonderful talented staff.

Mr. Daniel Castro - Owner/Executive Chef

An American Artist who loves to cook with a wide range of influences.

Worked for notable establishments in Philadelphia such as Copabanana, Warmdaddy's, Mexican Post, Coyote Crossing, Farmicia food & tonics, Amada, Opa, Time and Brick & Mortar just to name a few. Aside from working s a Sous Chef for years in the restaurant business, Mr. Castro is also a painter, multi-instrumentalist , Independent recording artist & DJ.

Ms. Dianne Fay - Castro - Owner/Operator/General Manager

Great-Great Granddaughter of General A.J. Lightburn, wife, mother & Registered Nurse. Been cooking for years having a large family. My Grandmum Susan Lightburn, & my father John (Jack) Cressman had a great influence on my expertise in making chili, gravy, stews & other sauces.  


Hi I am Hali Cutro I'm always smiling and happy to be at your service!!